10 Sep 2019 1 min


Starting from global statistics, which show that demand for fruit juices is steadily increasing, for 2017 being 8%, we come to the conclusion that it is a place of sale for everyone. But this is not enough for the business to be profitable. We also need to take into account the quality of the fruit, the quantity obtained per hectare and the elimination of the risks related to the growth of the blueberries and the harvesting of the fruits. And one of the most important factors is getting fruit early, when the price for such fruits is the highest.


So together with its partners comes with the solution of a turnkey business that will remove all risks in the cultivation process, increase productivity, increase the quality of the fruit, make it possible to obtain the harvest earlier.

Business Structure:

  • Agricultural land – minimum 0.6 ha, optimal – 5 ha
  • Solar (solar, protected space) – a construction specially adapted to the cultivation of fruit trees
  • Irrigation system – water storage tank, drip tap, accessories
  • Supporting system – pillars, wire, accessories for planting support
  • Blueberries – seedlings, special variety
  • Growth guide – Useful information in the cultivation process

Estimated results:

  • Harvesting – starting with year 2 from planting
  • Amount to maturity – 8-12 t / ha
  • Harvest time – 2 weeks earlier
  • Trading – export

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