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Why choose us? What are the advantages of working with Eu Consult?

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EU CONSULT is the team that helps you start or develop a European-funded business with minimal own contribution. With our help you will be aware of all the existing financing for your business, both in the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

We will consult you at any stage of implementing the project. We act quickly and with original solutions to get only positive results. The client is our image in society, so why the EU CONSULT-led affairs are successful and intensely developing.

Throughout the process of accessing non-reimbursable funds, you will feel support from the team of specialists in various areas: finance, accounting, legal, marketing, management.

Advantages of working with EU Consult:

By working with us you have the assurance that your project will have a positive result and you will start with your right work in the selected field.

Apply now for a consultation and get the financing for your business as soon as possible. We are ready to act!

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