Our services

What responsibilities and services do we have to help your business start and grow?

Services offered


1. Financing monitoring for your business

  • We are constantly researching the financing market
  • We inform you about existing funding

2. Consultation on available financing

  • We conduct an analysis of your business
  • We guide you to the most profitable financing
  • We inform you about the specifics of each funding
  • We adapt your business to the requirements of funding programs

3. Business plan development and documents preparation

  • We document you about the steps required to access each funding
  • We prepare the set of documents according to the requirements of the selected funding program
  • We develop the business plan

4. Financiar, accounting and legal assistance for financing

  • We provide financial, accounting and legal assistance in accessing funding
  • We also consult you at the implementation stage, post-implementation of the project

5. Consulting assistance for business initiation and development

  • We offer solutions for your business development
  • We offer you turnkey business ideas
  • We offer you the opportunity to develop your business idea in a successful partnership

Apply now for a consultation and get the financing for your business as soon as possible. We are ready to act!

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