Calos Vitalie – agricultor, Anenii Noi

10 Sep 2019 1 min

Calos Vitalie – agricultor, Anenii Noi


The field of beekeeping is known to the young child. From childhood, she participates in bee care at the prisaca her father has. She knows in detail the processes of bee breeding and honey collection.

Having worked for a number of years abroad, he has accumulated the necessary amount of money he has decided to invest in the work he has been practicing for many years. This occupation motivated him to develop his own business so that he would not have to work abroad.

Examining the field of greenhouse cultivation in greenhouses, had the initiative to build two greenhouse modules with a total area of ​​1000 m2 for growing vegetables, especially tomatoes and cucumbers.

Thanks to its PARE 1 + 1 grant, he has managed to install semitunel greenhouses, which have been built according to the latest modern technologies that have allowed successful cultivation of vegetables.

The research carried out helped to place the greenhouses in a geographically and economically favorable region, namely in the village of Varnitza, Anenii Noi, given that it offered a large market including in the Transnistrian part.

Growing vegetables in greenhouses has allowed them to eliminate the external factor (drought, heavy rain, hail, etc.), and getting fruit crops around the year, knowing that the demand for vegetables in the cold is quite high. This was possible after the installation of the greenhouse system. Another important moment is the fact that the increased production is indigenous and in the last period this is preferable to the imported vegetables, raising a higher trust to the ecological customers.

“The EuConsult team is working efficiently and efficiently.” From the very first day of my work, I set out the action plan to get the grant I needed, along with the plan and finally got the grant so important at that time I recommend it to you for seriousness, quality and dynamism.”

Calos Vitalie

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