Funding for Production

Types of funding | Conditions | Activities and equipment accepted

What types of funding are available at the moment?

  • Non-refundable grants (grant / subsidy)
  • Loans with a grant (credit + grant)
  • Loans to advantageous conditions (no%, low%)


Who can access these funding?

  • Willing to initiate or develop a business
  • Young people aged 18 to 35
  • Women who want to start a business

What activities and equipment are supported?

  • Production of vegetables and fruits, flowers and greenhouses on protected land (winter greenhouses, solariums and tunnels)
  • Construction / reconstruction and renovation of infrastructure related to agricultural holdings
  • Construction of refrigerated storage of fruit and vegetables and packing houses
  • Primary / finished processing, processing, drying and freezing of fruit, grapes, vegetables and
  • Primary / finished processing, drying, conditioning, storage, storage and packaging of cereals, oilseeds, sunflower and soybeans
  • Primary / finished processing, packaging, refrigeration, freezing, processing and storage, including analysis, of meat, milk and honey
  • Processing of wood, metal
  • Production of building materials
  • Textile industry, clothing and footwear
  • Recovery of interest (%) on credit
  • Producer Group activity
  • Promoting export products
  • Compensation of irrigation costs
  • Expenses for business plan development, training courses, assistance

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