Gandrabur Nicolae – apicultor, R-n. Cantemir

10 Sep 2019 1 min

Gandrabur Nicolae – apicultor, R-n. Cantemir


The field of beekeeping is known to the young child. From childhood, she participates in bee care at the prisaca her father has. She knows in detail the processes of bee breeding and honey collection.

Having worked for a number of years abroad, he has accumulated the necessary amount of money he has decided to invest in the work he has been practicing for many years.

This occupation motivated him to develop his own business so that he would not have to work abroad.

The realization of this project allowed her to be with her parents and to provide several jobs to her consciences. He also succeeded in realizing a dream, namely to form his own prisaca.

Together with the prisaca, thanks to the PARE 1 + 1 grant, he purchased all the equipment together with beehives with the bee families.

In addition to the production and marketing of honey, it has earned income from the sale of bee families by artificially rowing dividing bee families. As a result of the grants and investments made, he has ensured a decent living at home.

“Thanks to EuConsult, I was able to grow my business up to the end. The professional team provided me with all the necessary support and advice to get the grant I needed so much.”

Gandrabur Nicolae

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